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Trujillo, Province de Trujillo, Pérou
Gefinancierd op 29 / 01 / 2019
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pictures of the summer program

Follow our activities during summer and the children making progress

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About this project

Our vision is to Break the cycle of poverty and criminality for teenagers. Promote development, education and values through education
Taak Minimum Optimum
Summer program
To avoid school dropouts in Florencia de Mora, we organise a Summer program (2 months) with english lessons, art, sports, self-confidence workshop, environmental projects, video correspondance in English ... It is free and for the all district: children and adults. We also want to train parents on first aid, pedagogy, sexual education...
€ 1.100
Materiaal Minimum Optimum
Children from Florencia de Mora usualy never left their district. We want them to discover culture, see the ocean, go to swimming pool... Any activity that could open their mind. With $500 we would be able to organise one excursion per week for the all Summer program (2 months)
€ 500
Totaal € 1.100 € 1.600

General information

We are an official peruvian NGO founded in Trujillo, Peru in 2013 with the purpose of creating a community that would share the same values: ethics, morals and solidarity.
In order to fight against societal problems, we take part in a better education based on these values, from the earliest childhood at school and at home. We invest in these children because they are our future and the base of the community we build” Juan Castillo founder and president
We work with a primary school “Simon Lozano Garcia”, in a very poor area in Trujillo.

Our programs:

  • English lessons: following the national curriculum, we give lessons to every child in primary school (370 students)
  • Afterschool Program: from 1 to 3pm, everyday. Primary school children don’t have lessons in the afternoon, they stay on their own .We offer many pedagogical activities: arts, games, self-esteem workshops, sports, countries presentation…
  • Summer program: children don’t travel for holidays. We organize for them and their families English lessons, games, cooking workshops….**

Working on:

  • Self-esteem
  • Social and emotional development
  • English
  • Openness to the world, , multiculturalism
  • Respect of each other and the environment
  • Sharing values: ethics, morals and solidarity

Belangrijkste kenmerken

Promote development, education and values to Peruvian children and their families since primary school.
Build a welcoming, positive environment to break the cycle of poverty and criminality.

Summer program:

  • Children from the district of Florencia de Mora do not go on holiday. They are used to stay at home on their own during the vacation period
  • We invite all the pupils of the school: primary and secondary levels, parents and locals of the district to generate a major social impact
  • We animate different activities for different levels: English lessons, pedagogical games, self-esteem workshops, sports, cooking workshops, cultural exchange, environmental projects
  • One of our goals is to stimulate the children in the education continuity and avoid school dropouts
  • We want to organize pedagogical and cultural excursions, the majority of the children never left the district of Florencia de Mora.
  • We want to train parents to first aid, pedagogy, sexual education

Our programs are based on these 3 educational pillars:

  • Development: socio-emotional with non-violent communication, self-esteem, potential
  • Education : interest in studying, ambition, raise the level of education, create a positive studying environment
  • Values: respect for each other and the environment, ethics, morals and solidarity, gender equality, citizens with opinions, openness to the world, multiculturalism, tolerance, antiracism

Waarom is dit belangrijk

  • 31 million Peruvians with 78% of urban population
  • Minors represent 33% of the population: 10.6 million
  • 18% of the population live with at least one unsatisfied basic needs
  • 13% of teenagers got pregnant
  • 2nd world producer of cocaine
  • 30.8% of the urban population over 15 years old has been victim of robbery or attempted robbery in the last year

7 million Peruvians live below the poverty threshold. Amongst them, school dropouts represent:

  • 8.8% in primary school

  • 23.5% in secondary school

  • 90% in university

  • 33% of the children reached the basic level in reading skills and 16.8% in mathematics in 2nd grade in 2017

  • According to the PISA level of education ranking in mathematics, reading and sciences, Peru is 64th on 70 countries

  • The district "Florencia de Mora" of Trujillo is one of the poorest and most dangerous area.

Team en ervaring

Juan Castillo Morales: President and founder
Marine Richard: Director
Marta Xicay Gomez: Pedagogical and volunteer coordinator
Peruvian and international volunteers

Results since 2013

  • Behavior of the children: respect, concentration, enthusiasm for studying English
  • 2412 hours of English lessons
  • 3000 hours of afterschool program
  • 4260 hours of summer program
  • 910 beneficiated children
  • 25% of the children of the school participate in our afterschool and summer program

Social commitment