Goteo #176: In August, nothing better than the Goteo open-air film cycle! 💦🎥👏

For our summer open-air film cycle, we have prepared a refreshing program full of films and documentaries, now running their campaigns at Goteo. 💦 With a strong presence of Galician audiovisual productions, here you have a handful of proposals to keep yourself entertained, to think about and, of course, to support, before you switch off your mobile and go on holiday. Very soon (especially if you help them 🤩) on your screens! 💻

Land of Our Mothers 🌿🌲

The experimental project Tierra de Nuestras Madres will be both a film, to make visible expulsions from the rural world (as a consequence of globalization), and a community cinema experience to transform the life of the town of Villacañas (Castilla La Mancha), where the project will be held. They want to make the community aware of the values and the culture that are disappearing throughout the villages of Spain.

Cannibalism 🐺✊

This short film is psychological thriller adapting an original text by the Galician playwright Marcos Abalde, awarded in 2008 with the Josep Robrenyó Prize. Cannibalism frankly tackles racism, xenophobia and homelessness, while it raises a cry in defense of human rights and denouncing social injustices. Promoted by the collective Projeto Jägher, one of its goals is highlighting the great wealth of Galician linguistic culture.

Reboiras. Action and heart 💪💖

Another Galician project. This is the first film about Moncho Reboiras, the last mortal victim of Franco dictatorship in Galicia. Reboiras. Acción y corazón will outline a portrait of this young man, through 15 testimonies, while encouraging Galician cinema. This documentary also counts with the support of the Provincial Council of A Coruña and it will be released in 2020, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the murdered.


In the midst of the series mania, it comes MONSTRAS, the first feminist fiction webseries in Galician, made by a only women team. Four girls arrive at the house of the friend of one of them at dawn: something happened that they cannot talk about. What happened? You will find out soon, as the five chapters will be released for free on the YouTube channel of Corentena Productions.

'Découpage' 📰📽

You will agree that a guide is necessary to navigate among so many audiovisual proposals. That is what 'Découpage' is for: a quarterly magazine of cinematographic analysis, which gives great importance to think the images, with a different approach and a very careful design. Its driving team has new ambitious goals for the third issue, such as increasing printed copies and, of course, keep on supporting film culture and critical thinking.

📌🔔 ⏰ Do not wait until September to discover these beautiful initiatives: click on the links above, surf between scripts and storyboards ... and support them. As the companions of Corentena Produciones say:

If you decide not to give us money, we will do it anyway; but with your money, we will do it better.

More Kultura in Gipuzkoa 🎯🎯

Before saying goodbye and wishing you happy holidays, we want to tell you that we are still working hard with the 15 projects selected for the META! matchfunding call (you can check the full list here), now in their process of advisory, working on their campaigns and communication plans. If you wonder how they will do, you just have to follow us on our social networks ...

Wherever you are, enjoy the summer and see you soon! 👋🌊🕶

In order for us to continue our work so that more civic initiatives take place


Our projects

Canibalismo Canibalismo

By: Projeto Jägher

Creating culture

A story about human nature, hatred of the unknown, moral judgments, and immoral certainties.

€ 5.020 received

18 days Remaining


By: Corentena Producións

Creating culture

webserie feminista galega

€ 4.040 received

11 days Remaining

Tierra de Nuestras Madres Tierra de Nuestras Madres

By: Liz Lobato

Creating culture

Un proyecto de cine comunitario para dar visibilidad a las expulsiones que ocurren en el mundo rural como efecto de la globalización

€ 3.113 received

27 days Remaining

Reboiras. Acción e corazón Reboiras. Acción e corazón

By: Fundación Terra e Tempo

Creating culture

Unha longametraxe documental escrita e dirixida por Alberte Mera e producida pola Fundación Terra e Tempo.

€ 5.802 received

34 days Remaining

'Découpage'. 'Découpage'.

By: 'Découpage'

Creating culture

Revista de análisis cinematográfico.

€ 415 received

6 days Remaining



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