Fútbol Sala: ¡Somos iguales!

Blanes, Girona, España
Gefinancierd op 12 / 10 / 2019
€ 1.160
€ 1.000
€ 3.150
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A message will be sent on the web of thanks.

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A public thank you will be made on the web and on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) with mention as long as you want.

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Thanks + Custom Photography

Thanks will be made on the web and a personalized photograph will be sent to you by email just as our children receive at the end of the Campus for.

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Thanks + Goteo T-shirt

Thanks on the web + inscription of the name on the T-shirt Drip. This shirt will be made exclusively for the World Futsal Cup, with the names of all those who give us € 40 or more, and will be worn in the celebration of it.

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Futsi Atletico Navalcarnero T-shirt

Sending signed shirt of the team where Ame Romero plays.

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Agradecimiento + Camiseta Goteo + Fotografía personalizada

Agradecimiento en nuestras redes sociales + inscripción del nombre en la camiseta Goteo. Esta camiseta se realizará en exclusividad para la World Futsal Cup, con los nombres de todos los que nos aporten dicha cantidad y que se llevará en la celebración del mismo + envío una fotografía personalizada por email al igual que reciben nuestros niños/as al finalizar el Campus.

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Agradecimiento en redes sociales + 1 Actividad de aventura

Agradecimiento en nuestras redes sociales + 1 actividad de aventura para 2 personas con la empresa Deja Huella.

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Silk screen printing sleeve

Incorporate logo of the collaborating company or institution on the left sleeve of the kit.

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Silk screen printing leg pants

Incorporation of the company or institution logo on the front / back leg of the sports pants.

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About this project

Ame Romero, 2nd best FS player and European Champion. It promotes equality through an international tournament.
Infrastructuur Minimum Optimum
Transportation in public media from Cádiz and Madrid to Barcelona. 30 chic @ s and 6 trainers.
€ 1.000
Materiaal Minimum Optimum
Sports Equipment
Umbro Pack consisting of: 2 kits, tracksuit, raincoat and sports backpack.
€ 1.200
Taak Minimum Optimum
Travel agency commission and financial intermediaries.
€ 500
Inscripción - 1
Inscripción por equipo en el Torneo.
€ 150
Inscripción - 2
Inscripción por equipo en el Torneo.
€ 150
Inscripción - 3
Inscripción por equipo en el Torneo.
€ 150
Totaal € 1.000 € 3.150

General information

Through the different venues of the Ame Romero Campus , held during the summer of 2019, Ame Romero, intends to take 3 combined (benjamin, alevin -mixtos- and sub15 -femenino-) to dispute a International tournament, called '' World Futsal Cup '' .

Our initiative wants to open the gap and also allow girls to access prestigious international tournaments.
This tournament will take place in Blanes (Girona) December 26 to 30. This is a world championship organized by the United Futsal Association, the Catalan Football Federation (FCF) and the support of FC Barcelona Lassa.

We are facing the most prestigious youth soccer tournament in the world . The best clubs in the world go to the Costa Brava region, to find out who will be crowned as a champion of the futsal world cup.

Will our initiative fit this opportunity, thus demonstrating to the other clubs the importance of working on effective inter-sex equality in base categories? This is the right place to find out, we need your help!

Belangrijkste kenmerken

Through a successful figure and international reference in this sport, such as Ame Romero , acting as a promoter of this initiative, she wants to convey how with effort, work and sacrifice girls can achieve success. As well as, to report that in our society, certain stereotypes that hinder the practice of certain sports remain latent.

> We want to fight against these barriers so that no child is prevented from reaching their dreams.

  • Our main goals are *:
    1. Stimulate healthy habits through sports.
    2. Acquire values ​​of respect, tolerance, equality and multiculturalism.
    3. Promote teamwork, participation and fellowship.
    4. Improve the individual and collective tactics-technical of futsal.
    5. Promote the sports practice of this passionate sport.
    6. Contribute to the integral development of the child.

Waarom is dit belangrijk

The project is aimed at boys and girls who have a passion for sport, and who are willing to acquire intrinsic values ​​in it, such as respect , multiculturalism and inter equality -sexes .

Team en ervaring

  • Ame Romero has extensive experience as a futsal professional, so she has witnessed large organizations in national and international tournaments. This has helped him, along with his academic training (Graduate in Early Childhood Education), to promote in 2018 a first initiative in Cádiz, with his I Campus Ame Romero , expanding in this 2019 to 3 locations (Cádiz, Vejer and El Alamo) and with a forecast of permanence over time.
    We understand that it is a sufficient organizational baggage for the performance of this project along with all its
    Technical Staff : monitors, physiotherapists, photographers, English teachers, volunteers ... Together, all of them, form a work team where they went able to convey the message that Love Romero wanted from them. For two years, we have been growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the work of the entire team, what we accomplished the dream of many children that Ame Romero would have liked to enjoy during his childhood. Where the real protagonists, who are the little ones together with their parents , we get them to feel this Campus as theirs, and thus be able to row all in the same direction, which would be to encourage futsal to through equal opportunities *. All this would not be possible, if we did not have a collaborating team behind, where at all times we have the support of the public institutions and small private companies that make it possible for us to continue growing.


Social commitment