Bijdragen £ 4

Name engraved in the prototype

Engraving of the contributor's name (except for anonymous donations) in a visible part of the prototype.

> 07 Co-financiers

Bijdragen £ 22

Picnic T-Shirt

T-Shirt with the proyect's logo and the names of contributors and collaborators + your name engraved in the prototype.

> 04 Co-financiers

Bijdragen £ 30

Ticket for dance show

Single ticket for a dance show recommended by the PAD Association, in Seville + your name engraved in the prototype.

> 00 Co-financiers

Bijdragen £ 43

Dance show plus T-Shirt

Single ticket for a dance show in Seville + Picnic T-Shirt + your name engraved in the prototype.

> 01 Co-financiers

Bijdragen £ 61

Two tickets for dance show

Two tickets for a dance show in Seville + Picnic T-Shirt + your name engraved in the prototype.

> 01 Co-financiers

Bijdragen £ 104

Contemporary dance introduction workshop

6h workshop to be held in Seville + Picnic T-Shirt + your name engraved in the prototype.

> 00 Co-financiers

Bijdragen £ 156

Pack Picnic

6h workshop to be held in Seville + 2 tickets for a dance show in Seville + 2 Picnic T-Shirts + your name engraved in the prototype.

> 00 Co-financiers

About this project

Dance studios with a view

Behoeften Materiaal Minimum Optimum
Suelo de linóleo enrollable de 5 x 10 m de superficie y aproximadamente 3 mm de espesor. Chapa de acero galvanizado de 5 x 1 m de superficie. Eje de acero, soportes y anclajes. Equipo de sonido. Dispositivo mecánico de bloqueo preparado para activarse con monedas. Acabados.
£ 2,604
Behoeften Infrastructuur Minimum Optimum
Plataforma web
Contratación de un servicio de alojamiento web donde subir todo el material del proyecto en términos de retornos colectivos
£ 35
Gestión y otros
Gastos que permitirán gestionar el proyecto en general, desde difusión, pequeño desarrollo web, coordinación etc.
£ 260
Behoeften Taak Minimum Optimum
Transporte e instalación
Puesta en funcionamiento del prototipo
£ 521
Idealmente nos gustaría abrir el diseño a la ciudadanía mediante una convocatoria de concurso pública, ya que el prototipo estará instalado en el espacio público que es de todos. Este importe corresponde al premio destinado al ganador del concurso para el diseño, modelado digital y especificaciones suficientes para su correcta fabricación.
£ 868
Desarrollo web geografica
Desarrollo y mantenimiento de la plataforma web del proyecto donde se recogerán las localizaciones geográficas de futuras instalaciones de Picnic.
£ 781
Totaal £ 3,420 £ 5,070

General information

Picnic is a sound-enabled piece of urban furniture with a flexible and unrolling floor to hold dance classes and workshops in open public spaces.

The project intends to incorporate the urban and architectural assets of our cities, to the artistic experience of dancing. This discipline usually takes place indoors, leaving the performance of space to the elaboration of artificial scenographies. For this reason, we claim the singularity of public spaces for the arts of motion.

Picnic is backed by PAD (Professional Association of Dancers of Andalucia ) and will give the community the design and fabrication of a prototype, including all kind of technical specs and 3d model, so that it can be reproduced anywhere and by any collective, with total ease. In case the optimum budget is reached, we will also keep a simple georreferencing website to locate all implementations of the project.

Belangrijkste kenmerken

The prototype a simple metal case of about 5m long, 50cm wide, and 50 cm tall. From its design, it is first seen as an atractive piece of urban furniture that functions like a bench.

In its interior, there is a roll of linoleum floor of about 5x10m, a socket for power supply, a stereo, and a mechanical lock prepared to be activated with coins. To use Picnic, just insert the fixed amount in coins, unroll the linolum floor and plug your ipod, mobile or any other device at hand.

The design will be realized by the team, however, in case we reach the otimum budget, there will be an open competition for the concept and detailing of the prototype with a prize of 1000 euro.

02-caracteristicasr.png 03-caracteristicasr.png 04-caracteristicas_1r.jpg

Waarom is dit belangrijk

The proyect comes out of combining two great passions; enjoying the singularity of our urban spaces and contemporary dance.

Picnic is targeted not only to all dance collectives, children and adults, but also to other practices like yoga, pilates, etc.

05-motivacionr.jpg 06-motivacionr.jpg 07-motivacionr.jpg 08-motivacion2r.jpg

Doelen van de crowdfunding campagne

  1. To raise enough funds for the fabrication and installation of a first prototype.

  2. To help out spreading the initiative, boost the project and thus stimulating other collectives regarding the scenographic use of urban spaces.

Team en ervaring

The team:

Anna París, (Barcelona, 1978) PhD in Sociology by Universidad de Barcelona (2006) and Master in Cultural Management by UOC (2011). She has been dancing since 1984, specializing in contemporary dance from 2006 onwards at CDEB, with Rick Merrill, Joe Alegado, Eva Arqués and Natalia Viñas.

Jaime de Miguel, (Sevilla 1978) Architect. Master at the Architectural Association London. Expert in programming applied to urbanism and digital fabrication.


Asociación Andaluza de Profesionales de la Danza.

AreaTangent, Asociación cultural de danza, Barcelona.

Culturadigital, Technology for real life, Sevilla.

Social commitment