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Gefinancierd op 16 / 09 / 2021
€ 12.110
€ 7.500
€ 12.000
221 Co-financiers

Bijdragen € 10

Your name on the Wall of ‘La Parcela’ in Cádiz!

The name of all the people who contribute to this campaign will be posted on a wall of appreciation within the school garden itself. The wall of our hope

> 42 Co-financiers

Bijdragen € 20

Postal digital calvichis + Your name

You will receive a digital postal greeting. Design by one of our close friends from Calvichis. http://calvichis.com! .

Your name in the Cadiz' Parcela's wall

> 30 Co-financiers

Bijdragen € 30

Visita with a present or video + your name

Guide visit to our cites if you live in Cadiz. Take a present woth our greetings

Your name in the Cadiz' Parcela's wall

Hacienda will refund 24€

> 32 Co-financiers

Bijdragen € 50

Bag + Visit and present or phone call + your name

The first Mar de Verde Bag.

> 39 Co-financiers

Bijdragen € 100

Calvichis' T-Shirt + Visit with present or video + your name

a Calvichis' at tehe Parcela. You'll receive the first La Mar de Verde t-shirt
The first La marde Verde bag
Visit guided if you live in Cadiz
If you are not in Cadiz. You will receive a video to upgrade your home

> 25 Co-financiers

Bijdragen € 250

Calvichis' personalized and T-Shirt + Bag + Visit with present or video + your name

For the first 5 donors, our friends at https://calvichis.com will design a calvichis from the portrait you send and it will arrive printed on a sheet that will look great!

> 04 Co-financiers

Bijdragen € 1.000

La Mar de Verde Patronage + Solidarity Patronage

We will support you to start an urban agriculture project if you are in the Bay of Cádiz.

If you are outside of Cádiz, you will make it possible for a neighbourhood group with few resources to start their urban agriculture project alongside us
Sponsor a neighborhood to take ‘La Mar de Verde’ there!

A designer in ‘La Parcela’ T-shirt! You will receive the first ‘La Mar de Verde’ T-shirt designed by our friends at https://calvichis.com

The first ‘La Mar de Verde’ bag!

If you are outside of Cádiz we will send you a video guide to create an allotment garden in your home! And if you need it, we will call you to give personal advice.

If you live in Cádiz, you can visit us and take away a thank you gift.

Your name on the Wall of ‘La Parcela’ in Cádiz!

Treasury returns € 417.5 as a natural person
Treasury returns € 350 to you as a legal entity

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Pilar nos cuenta sobre la "La Mar de Verde"

11 | 08 | 2021

Pilar nos da su bonita visión de "La Mar de verde " y sus propiedades terapeúticas.


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