🗳️ What needs to be said about the 23F that hasn't already been said? Before our contribution (in the 2nd paragraph for the impatient 🤗) we risk reiterating three vital points: participation is the essence of democracy, in a dictatorship citizen participation is limited by the government and in it the important decisions are taken unilaterally without the participation of the people. How do we vaccinate ourselves from this evil that seems endemic to humanity?

🤔 Our humble proposal is to open deliberative spaces wherever and whenever possible. In the homes where we accompany the growth of these small people who are the youth and are learning to live in society and with themselves, do we give them the opportunity to make decisions on important issues and learn about the experience to empower- the future? In schools, workplaces and different organizations, do we create spaces where we can share knowledge about day-to-day life and experience the application of proposals for the improvement of the collective? Every space gained in participation is a centimeter we move towards an active and engaged citizenry.

📬 In this newsletter we bring you three projects, each with its own invitation to make our environment a more humane and participatory place: opening a horizontal space oriented to the common good, reflecting on patriarchal education through a short film and organizing se to save a fluvial ecosystem. We also tell you about our latest actions in which we would love for you to join, such as our meeting for the social inclusion of young people, the boost to feminist projects and the publication of a guide developed by the Foundation aimed at organizing assemblies deliberations in institutes. Thank you very much for sharing all these projects with us and remember that we are available for anything you need at info@goteo.org!

S.O.S Costa de Granada 🆘

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🆘 "Ecologistes en Acció" has a long track record in tasks related to the protection and conservation of the environment, including the recovery and delimitation of livestock routes. Their fight is possible thanks to the collaboration and help of a large group of people, including biologists, geographers, geologists and environmental technicians.

🗣️ In this campaign the aim is to save one of the last undeveloped areas of the coast of Granada, located next to the Special Conservation Area (ZEC) and Caleta-Salobreña Sea Cliffs. In order to delimit this section of livestock road, with the new Andalusia tax law, the collective is forced to do the procedure by paying €6,000.

👉 This is why they are asking for your help, as well as all groups related to the environment and those people with sensitivity and concern for nature to collaborate in conserving this area of the Granada coast of enormous environmental value through of goteo.cc/soscosta.

La Grieta 🏚️

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🏚️ The Libertarian Assembly of Lorca was born in 2017, when a group of people with similar interests and ideas decided to come together with the aim of changing the reality around them but also growing internally, learning from each other. They create, in essence, a collective of their own due to the lack of an anarchist organization in the city of Llorca.

✊ Rejecting exploitation in any of its forms and believing in a society organized horizontally, in which no one has authority over others, where resources and work are equitably distributed and oriented to the common good, not to interest and accumulation of capital for a few.

😊 If you know that these values sound distant and complex to achieve, you can strengthen your project in the short and medium term, collaborating in goteo.cc/lagrieta.

Pastisset de Xocolata 🍫

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🍫 "Pastisset de xocolata" is a short fiction film that will be shot at the beginning of April 2023 as an ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya) graduation project, and will premiere at Cinesa Diagonal in October 2023.

⏳ In this surreal drama in the form of a fable, we will see how any man immerses himself in a peculiar and strange world, where he must complete an initiation rite to become part of a male community.

🎬 Support this fictional short film with social, cultural, educational and feminist content in goteo.cc/pastisset!

INCROWD: The keys to training young people in Crowdfunding

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🚀 Within the framework of the European InCrowd project, we are organizing a workshop to share knowledge on how crowdfunding can be a useful tool to foster opportunities for young people at risk of marginalization.

👥 The day will be open to 30 participants from Barcelona and the surrounding area who represent organizations or institutions that work with young people, interested in learning more about the opportunities that alternative financing offers in favor of young people, in particular unemployed or at risk of social exclusion .

💻 Take advantage of this opportunity, don't miss out on a place and register aquí in the face-to-face workshop for this coming Thursday, March 2. Discover much more at goteo.cc/crowdfundingparajovenes.

We publish LADA Guide: "How to organize Deliberative Assemblies by Civic Draw in institutes"

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At the Foundation we are excited after the publication of the LADA Guide "How to organize Deliberative Assemblies by Civic Draw in institutes" that has been developed with so much love by the researcher Tayrine Dias and our co-founder Olivier Schulbaum!

As we have just stated, we are the first to be clear that youth are a fundamental part of society and their participation in politics is essential for the development of a healthy and strong democracy. It is not lost on anyone that the way in which young people participate has changed over the years and they continue to be an important factor in political decision-making.

Thus, this guide focuses on describing eleven steps to organize a Deliberative Assembly, where young people can participate in a diverse and inclusive way in their institute or community space, exploring relevant issues of their reality, proposing actions or projects, evaluating their advantages and disadvantages and deciding among the proposals presented which ones have the support of the group for their future implementation. Take a look at our complete article and download the guide at http://laaventuradeaprender.intef.es/documents/10184/143733/60_22_RED_LADA_C%C3%B3mo+hacer+asambleas+deliberativas+R3.pdf/b7dfd053-69e6-4d04-84ef-b63529ba7332!

Great success at the Feminist Projects Crowdfunding Workshop!

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💜Do you remember the workshop call that we launched 15 days ago to propose new feminist campaigns for our channel fem.goteo.org? You were so many interested that we had to double it in the morning and afternoon!

👩 Thank you very much for your interest and quality of the projects presented, as well as all the doubts and comments you gave us. Sandra and Eva have told us that they gave everything and received even more. With the keys to properly design and manage a campaign to attract funding through the crowdfunding model, we hope to publish your projects soon, while respecting the many actions that are also taking place in these coming weeks.

💻 Whether you were able to attend or it was impossible for you, remember that we are at info@goteo.org to respond at any time. We will wait for you!

And you?

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😙 And you? Do you believe in the value of the advice we offer at Goteo? Support us so we can continue to give more personalized attention to the people who drive the campaigns. With this donation we can give premium consulting time to the campaign of your choice. This means up to 2 hours of videoconference with one of our advisers to answer all your questions and have support in case you want to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

🙌 Enter and request a Premium Advisory via videoconference with one of our advisors at goteo.cc/siguenoslacorriente

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. In case you still don't follow us on all existing networks and for having, remind you that 👉we have Telegram Group of Platoniq Foundation and Goteo. Click on the links and follow us!👈 We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

Nos vemos en 15 días


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