🤗 Who doesn't know that wonderful person who is into a thousand things and barely has time for anything else? Well here's our anecdote: in a workshop we did last week, we met a donor and fan of everything we do who confessed to us that he hasn't read our newsletter for some time now "because I'm overwhelmed with so much information everywhere 😓" . Of course we told him not to worry and that the important thing is to continue doing beautiful things at the rhythm of each one and to enjoy them.

🤔 But there we realized 3 things (at least). The first is: 1️⃣ Are we already thankful enough to those of you who open the mail and give us a little bit of your time every 15 days? You were 30,056 people in the last newsletter, so thank you very much! 🥰 The second: 2️⃣ Are we getting carried away by this sibylline "attention economy" and we put aside what is really important for the superficial? Highly recommended, therefore, to stop for a moment and be aware to decide what we value and be able to pay attention to it"😌; and the third: 3️⃣ Do you have someone you love with some free time and think this newsletter would be interesting? We invite you to share it to continue to grow and support social impact projects 😝.

📬 In this newsletter we propose you to learn about three personal struggles, which are also collective, whose objective is to make us aware and resilient of our relationship with our own body and the society that we all form: the creation of a space to share resources in the face of illness, the recording of a short film that deals with grief and the opening of an exhibition to address these and many other relationships. Happy reading!

Cancer Universe 🔥

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🔥 CANCER Universe is a space where a lot of psycho-emotional resources are shared to support women with breast cancer and their families. So that they can live this situation from the well-being that they need at this moment. Not as a fight, but as protagonists to recover their health (and much more) on their way.

♥️ Because taking care of mental health at this time is essential, this necessary financing campaign is launched, not only to pay for the project but also the page, website, book publishing, stories, audios... as well as to make it known and continue sharing much more in the future.

😊 So that no one is left without support, collaborate in its dissemination and achievement at goteo.cc/universocancer.

A while longer 🚙

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🚙 This short film will be made as part of a Final Degree Project of the ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya) and tells the journey of a Catalan family from their home in the Ebro Delta to Malaga, passing through the Valencian Community and Castile-La Mancha.

⏳ 16-year-old Alba is forced to leave her summer plans behind to embark on a motorhome trip with her parents and her younger brother to meet her maternal grandmother. During the trip she finds out that her mother has cancer. This reality check will help him mature as she grieves, but it will also help him reconcile with her mother and learn a valuable lesson from her.

🎬 Join the cinema that is committed and driven by the new generations at goteo.cc/unratomas!

From The Cracks 👁️

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👁️ The Grietas Collective chose its name in reference to the existing breaking points in our capitalist society. These ruptures are both the result of harmful and destructive practices, and places where new possibilities can grow.

🗣️ With this campaign they want to open an art exhibition in Barcelona as a public intervention to address people's relationships with the city, with the land, with their bodies, with non-human beings; from their emotions and their feeling of (in)security; and his reflections on a degrowth-oriented future.

👉 Help make this project a reality to promote alternatives to systemic problems in goteo.cc/desdelasgrietas.

Goteo 💜 Decidim

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💪 This week we celebrate together with the entire democratic innovation community the long history and anniversary of our colleagues at DECIDIM. Well, with them we share the approach of a participatory and collaborative democracy, where Goteo.org focuses on the financing of projects and Decidim.org focuses on the democratic process itself, for which we consider both important tools to promote citizen participation. and improve democracy.

🙌 Based on the use of free software and with the aim of improving participatory democracy and citizen collaboration, we are also collaborating closely on an integration that we hope to offer you very soon. And in the event that this is the first time you visit us and you do so recommended by a good friend (Welcome!), here is a brief presentation and an invitation to imagine how interesting a future tool that integrates both will be.

👥Goteo.org is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on social and cultural projects. It allows users to create crowdfunding campaigns and receive donations from the community to carry out their projects. On the other hand, Decidim.org is a citizen participation platform that allows organizations and public administrations to involve the community in the decision-making process. It offers tools for consultation and public debate, as well as for the management of democratic processes online.

📣 Our conviction is that campaigns with a democratic footprint on Goteo.org have great potential to generate political advocacy at the local and regional level. Through these campaigns, citizens can organize and lead projects that address important issues in their community. These projects can have a significant impact on political decision-making, which is why we invite you to consider them in a process of participatory democracy in your locality or region. We will move forward and keep you informed!

Free Crowdfunding Workshop for Feminist Projects!

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💜 Launching a newsletter on February 8 reminds us that we are just one month away from claiming all the work we do every day as a feminist crowdfunding platform. So to move forward together, enlarging spaces like our fem.goteo.org , we invite you to participate this coming February 21 in the Free Crowdfunding Workshop for Feminist Projects.

👩 In this meeting, our colleagues Sandra Yáñez and Eva Esteban will share a session during which they will explain the keys that must be followed to properly design and manage a campaign to attract financing through the crowdfunding model based on donations and rewards, especially focused on successful projects such as Jornaleras, 8 Mil Motius, Por Todas and many others.

💻 You can now register here

And you?

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😙 And you? Do you believe in the value of the advice we offer at Goteo? Support us so we can continue to give more personalized attention to the people who drive the campaigns. With this donation we can give premium consulting time to the campaign of your choice. This means up to 2 hours of videoconference with one of our advisers to answer all your questions and have support in case you want to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

🙌 Enter and request a Premium Advisory via videoconference with one of our advisors at goteo.cc/siguenoslacorriente

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. In case you still don't follow us on all existing networks and for having, remind you that 👉we have Telegram Group of Platoniq Foundation and Goteo. Click on the links and follow us!👈 We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

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