🏞️ If our lives are like rivers, it is natural that they are always changing and evolving. Like a river, our lives have ups and downs, moments of tranquility and moments of turmoil. Like a river, our lives are full of possibilities and opportunities that we can seize if we are willing to take them, and just as a river is a powerful force that can shape the landscape around it, our lives also have an impact on the world around us. So how do we act? Seen this way, how to do so will depend on your personal values and goals, perhaps most importantly being aware of your actions and making sure they are aligned with your principles and objectives. We wholeheartedly and in this year that has little left to go wish you all the strength to follow your own guidance!

📬 In this newsletter, as you will be able to intuit, we give you to know projects aligned with life and knowledge both of the world and of oneself. You will be able to be part of the birth of a feminist, decolonial and anti-imperialist publishing cooperative; help a large research team to disseminate their decrecentist policy reports to reach the general public and bring about real change; and finally, save an entire ecosystem by stopping the construction of an artificial wave pool less than 10 meters from the Ripoll riverbed. Let's go!

Verso Libros 📚

Imagen de la campaña Verso Libros 📚

🤔 Books are nothing more than ink and paper without those who allow ideas to be transformed into action. For this reason, Verso is born with the vocation of creating a community that allows to see common horizons, overflowing the pages and promoting collective spaces in bookstores, cultural institutions or other spaces from which to think together.

✋ Thus, Verso Libros is an imprint of Radical Books Coop, a worker-owned publishing cooperative that encourages critical thinking, promotes eco-publishing, the automation of work processes and a work environment that emulates the society we want to build.

👉 If you also believe in the need for the renewal of socialist thought, with new contributions from feminism, decolonial and anti-imperialist thought, Marxist theoretical debates and essays that try to understand the digital and green transformation of the capitalist accumulation system, you can support the publishing house in goteo.cc/versolibros.

Decentralized Policy Briefs 📰

Imagen de la campaña Informes de Políticas Decrecentistas

📰 Do you want to take effective action against climate change, but don't know what to do? Do you wonder why global average temperatures and carbon concentrations continue to rise, despite falling renewable energy costs and increasing renewable energy installations? Are you angry that policy makers continue to subsidize and issue new oil contracts, while claiming they are committed to reducing emissions?

🎯 If you suspect we need to decarbonize... you're in the right place to join the fight with Research & Degrowth, and your support will bring the change we need! R&D conceives Degrowth Policy Briefs as concrete and radical policy proposals backed by science-based academic research and targeted to a broad audience of policy makers, NGOs, social and environmental movements, etc. The overall goal of this project is to publish six degrowth policy briefs each year to address vital issues.

👉 Help increase the reach, acceptance and impact of these reports by broadening their dissemination and availability through open access on the R&D website, as well as by translating the publications into several languages, collaborating in. goteo.cc/degrowthbriefs!

StopSurfCity 🌱

Imagen de la campaña StopSurfCity

🌱 ADENC is an ecologist and naturalist association that works for the protection of the environment in the Vallès region. It fights and works for a future in which modernity and environment can coexist in harmony in a world where the degradation of the natural environment and the overexploitation of resources prevails.

🏡 Now the Sabadell City Council wants to build an artificial wave pool less than 10 meters from the Ripoll riverbed. The capacity would be 200 surfers a day in a 30,000m2 public space. The construction would require moving more than 100,000m3 of earthworks, to locate a pool of more than 5,000m2 and more than 12,500m3 of water, restaurants, gym and 200 parking spaces. More than 8,000m3 of concrete would be needed to build the complex, in addition to a 4m high perimeter wall and the artificialization of a municipal property that is in a flood zone according to the ACA.

👉 The objective of this campaign is to stop the construction of the private Project of a artificial wave macro-pool #SURFCITY in this public space, taking advantage of a legal loophole in the urban planning approved 30 years ago when there was no Climate Change legislation nor the Climate Emergency Declaration made by the Generalitat de Catalunya. Join and save this ecosystem in goteo.cc/stopsurfcity.

Last Wave for La Marea's campaign!

Imagen de la campaña Crowdfunding para la Economía Social y Solidaria

How's it going? The high we had with the #LoNuestroEsDeVerdad campaign gave way to a well-deserved calm, right? But... how would you like to give it one last push in the final stretch and reach together the precious figure of 300,000€?

If we achieve it, the Climática team will expand by 1 more person, so we encourage you to take a look today at the precious rewards, such as "Climática Magazine 2023" with the annual climate magazine with 100 pages that look at the present and future of climate, or "Climate without Greenwashing" for those who bet on research and take with it the IBEX 35 book (paper or digital, you choose), the Climática Magazine 2022 (paper or digital) and the Climática bag.

Only 72h left! Collaborate in goteo.cc/lonuestroesdeverdad.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!


Following our aim to help develop the commons economy and the power of open source tools, we are now members of Meet.coop! An online meeting cooperative that cares about privacy and allows people and organisations to have quality online meetings with ethical tools.