😐 "Shit happens", "C'est la vie" o "Cosi va il mondo" they are different ways of expressions for the same timeless truth: misfortunes are part of life and often cannot be prevented.

📬 In this newsletter we talk about projects that talk about standing up in the face of adversity, taking that traumatic experience and moving forward, building new instruments and testimonies of courage for oneself and others.

Lola 👵📝

On November 1st, 2016, she died in Cangas at the age of 95, Dolores Rodal Blanco, LOLA.

A brave woman. At the age of 15, together with her younger brother, she had to witnesse how her mother was taken for a walk from which she would never return, disappearing as her father and her brother, killed by Francoism. Alone, she was crying the night of that summer of 1936.

The memory remained in her, shaping her face and being reflected in the various conversations she had with the team of O Faiado da Memoria, a space for connection and exchange of memory about the recent past of the civil war in Spain.

👵📝 This initiative asks your collaboration to produce a documentary, from approximately five hours of recordings that are preserved from her, so that its oral memory on the repression in the civil war told in the first person is conserved. For Lola: https://goteo.cc/lola

Lola, the bra 💔💜

Imagine that together with some friends you create an activist and feminist brand to desexualize the female breast and the surrounding context, claiming the equality and freedom of women with design, with humor, with ideas.

One day, we received a message on Instagram: “Do you know any brand of bra for one-tit? I'm going crazy looking for one." Idoia is who has wrote us, and she has just gone through a radical mastectomy and has made the decision not to rebuild despite medical pressure. And you answer: "Well, no, we do not know nor have we found a single one, and we really searched for... so let's create it!"

💔💜 For the normalization of mastectomy, for women who mark scar and a new path. Women convinced that femininity is not removed or filled out. You can spread the word and participate in goteo.cc/lolasujetador

PorTodas and 37 Històries (2018) ⏪▶

In this newsletter we want to remind #PorTodas, a successful initiative from LaMareacampaigned in 2018 to investigate what happens before and after a femicide. To do this, LaMarea analyzes the cases of the 55 women killed in Spain in 2014, according to official records.

We consider this type of project essential and we celebrate its drive, progress and tangible results to raise awareness about this reality that is quite present.

⏪▶ We cheer you up to follow their work, as we recommend this postin our blog, about the meeting that held between Patricia Simón (journalist in LaMarea) with Flavia, Irune Almiñana and Mireia, representatives of #37Històries, documentary made by the 37 students of a fourth year of the ESO forming a part of their collective empowerment process.

Feliz Meta!Kultura 😝😜

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