In this post, we explain the meaning of the icons that you may find in Goteo, that graphically summarize the kind of collective benefits and individual rewards that projects published on this platform may offer.

They are thus useful for finding projects as a function of the results that they will share with the community, as well as the products and services that each one offers as an individual reward for the contribution offered.

Archivos digitales

The "Digital Archives" icon is used for musical productions, images, videos, text documents, etc. These are cultural digital contents, usually downloadable or linked from the web, or may be able to be sent as attachments, once they are produced.

Source Code

By "Source Code" we mean the code with which a computer program or piece of software is written. This icon can only be assigned by the original authors of the code, in order to make it accessible under an appropriate license. The difference between the benefits of the "Digital Archives" category and this one is that it's not the file that's important, but the code with which it was created.

The "Designs" can be any kind of specific documents of drawings, schematics, patterns, diagrams, etc., in short, any detailed graphical description about how to create or construct something.

By "Manuals" we refer to practical documents that detail or enumerate the steps necessary to do something. They may be educational materials, business plans, how-to's or any kind of recipes designed to transmit knowledge in an ordered way.

The "Product" icon comprises objects, pottery, fetiches, and “analogic” objects in general, which tend to be finite and thus can only be offered to limited quantities of people (and in addition to being produced must also be sent :)

The "Services" symbol represents activities offered to other people, in person or online, and may be classes, technical support, consulting, etc. and thus share time and knowledge.

The "Euro" symbol obviously corresponds to monetary returns. This option is for those project leaders who would be willing to return all or part of the financing received in order to co-finance other initiatives published on Goteo.

Remember that on Goteo we're betting hard for collective benefits (in any of the described forms) because that is what makes it possible to open projects, make them accessible, and generate useful collective and valuable benefits for the community. You can't have true collective financing without collective benefits!