Sala Comunitaria de Acupuntura

Carrer dels Jocs Florals, 173, Barcelona, Spain
Gefinancierd op 03 / 01 / 2019
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Take a break

Take part in an initiation to Chi Kung class at Ten Wan school! This award is valid for attending a class (Tuesday or Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm) given by the experts of our team. We will send you a (virtual) voucher and you will be able to attend 1 class during the next 12 months.

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Bijdragen € 15
1 acupuncture session in the community room

Have you always wanted to try acupuncture but have not been able yet? This prize is for you! Come relax and receive an excellent acupuncture treatment in the comfortable community acupuncture room.

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Bijdragen € 25
Two for One

Come and enjoy a session in the community room with a friend and see one of the benefits of working in this way: well-being gets multiplied when it is shared!

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Bijdragen € 30
Train in Ten Wan

This award is worth 4 classes of Kung Fu or Chi Kung training in the Ten Wan gym. The classes are suitable for all levels, the hours flexible and you can attend 4 classes during one month.

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Bijdragen € 30
Massage / Cupping / Moxibustion

If the needles are not your thing, but you want to improve in health, come to receive a massage, treatment with cupping, or session with moxibustion of 30 minutes by our team.

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Bijdragen € 40
4 acupuncture sessions

Is it time to make an investment in your health? Do you have insomnia, muscle pain, digestive problems, anxiety ... 4 sessions can help a lot! We will send you a virtual bonus and you can go to the room to receive 4 sessions when it suits you.

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Bijdragen € 50
Useful Guide of Tips to Conserve your Health + team photo

Receive our sincere thanks for supporting this project! We will send you (in digital format) a photo of the team in the community room plus a guide full of healthy changes that you can incorporate into your day to promote your vitality. Small changes have great effects on our health! Learn breathing exercises, dietary changes and habits that will make you strong and healthy.

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Choy Lee Fut Keychain

This reward gives you something unique; a key chain with the Choy Lee Fut Chan family logo handmade in brass! Shipping only in the Iberian Peninsula.

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Bijdragen € 60
Acupuncture 123

Are you an acupuncturist that loves Dr. Tan? Support this new community room, propagator of the benefits of our profession, and receive a poster size 420x297 mm in limited edition 4 color print with a map of the 12345 systems of Dr. Tan. (Shipping to Spain included)

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Choy Lee Fut key chain + international shipping

With this prize you will get something unique; a keychain with the Choy Lee Fut Chan family logo handmade in brass! International shipping is included with this award.

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Bijdragen € 80
What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

With this award, participate in an introductory class to Traditional Chinese Medicine! Participate in an enjoyable class, made for people with curiosity to learn another vision of the human body, where we will teach you the basic theory of energetic meridians, yin-yang and 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 4 hours divided into 2 face-to-face or online classes. (the class is in spanish)

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Bijdragen € 100
Useful Guide of Tips to Conserve your Health + photo of the team + video of exercises to do at home

Receive our sincere thanks for supporting this project! Learn breathing exercises, dietary changes and habits that will make you stronger and healthier. We will send you (in digital format) a photo of the team in the community room + a guide of healthy changes that you can incorporate in your day to promote your vitality + a video of of chi kung exercises that promote a strong back. Little changes have great effects on our health!

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Bijdragen € 200
Health class for your team

With this award, we will move to your place of work, home, or wherever you choose, to give your team a 2-hour class on healthy habits for the back. Using small exercises that are easy to incorporate into the day, we will teach you how to eliminate tensions and common pains when work requires us to be seated all day. (this prize is only in Barcelona area)

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The project has been a sucess!

20 | 01 | 2019

December and January have been really busy months of painting and electricity and plywood, but finally ... we have reached the successful end of this campaign!
On Tuesday, January 22, we will open the community acupuncture room, a natural health service in a warm and comfortable environment.

We seek to create a natural health space where you can go when you need it. We would like to see a integrative medicine system, where health is part of everyday life and communities have shelters where they can recharge their energy whenever they need it. This project is our grain of sand towards that future, you are invited to visit it whenever you want.

We have found great support using the Goteo platform, it is incredible what a network is capable of doing when it is organized! We want to give our sincere thanks to the Goteo team for their initiative (and patience), the experience has been unforgettable.

You are invited to the Grand Inauguration of the Community Room, Friday, February 1
6:00 p.m. How does a community room work? come to get answers to your questions!
7:00 pm Traditional lion dance by Choy Lee Fut Chan Family
20:00 Demonstration and (healthy!) Pica Pica

If you want more information about the project, or want to make a reservation, you can find us on the website
or by calling
633 15 24 05

Patrons who have requested health services as a reward (they should have received a voucher by mail) may make their appointment when it suits them. The rest of the rewards will arrive by email in the next two weeks.

Thank you very much for your collaboration and help in getting the word out!
Without your help it would not have been possible

Ten Wan Team


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