Revoluciones, ROTX's first album

Gefinancierd op 05 / 03 / 2022
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Take the physical CD, made with lots of love.

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Take the physical CD, made with lots of love.

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  • CD
  • Poster of the cover, made by Maruša Žemlja.
  • Personalized poem, in ecologic papel of leaves.
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  • CD
  • Poster of the cover, made by Maruša Žemlja.
  • Digital songs book, with lyrics and chords.

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Take two CDs, for yourself and who you want!

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  • Poster of the cover, made by Maruša Žemlja.
  • Digital songs book, with lyrics and chords.
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*This is given personally, if you need it to be sent, choose the post delivery option.

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  • Physical CD
  • Poster of the cover, made by Maruša Žemlja.
  • Digital songs book, with lyrics and chords.
  • Totebag ecological

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  • Poster of the cover, made by Maruša Žemlja.
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  • Sensorial dinner for two people + live music.

Dinner made by ManíMana catering, and music by Rotx

*Only for Madrid and surroundings

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  • Physical CD
  • Live music concert

Guitar, acordion and Cajón flamento, we go to your place to give a LIVE CONCERT!

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About this project

A colective creation from the mountains of Madrid. Roots music and social compromise
Behoeften Infrastructuur Minimum Optimum
In the Studio Asaltamentes we have recorded the songs, produced, mixed and masterized.
€ 3.620
Musicians y artists
To financiate the maintenance and outlay during the process. There are a lot of people involucrated in this project.
€ 1.300
Behoeften Materiaal Minimum Optimum
We need to print the CDs! We are going to do it through the platform Rock CD.
€ 815
Desings, prints, ecological materiales... It is not cheap not easy, but it is worth it!
€ 712
Behoeften Taak Minimum Optimum
Recognizing of work
To be able to reward all the work done by musicians and artists. To give monetary value to time and effort. So we can continue believing in art.
€ 1.000
Totaal € 5.735 € 7.447

General information

Rotx is a singer-songwriter musical project

This project grew out of years of song writing and concerts and now that I am joined by a wonderful band, will be recorded as an album. In addition to the guitar and voice, the band consists of percussion, accordion, bass, electric guitar, drums and wind instruments.
Rotx’s songs focus on social issues, everyday situations, what we see and feel. The songs are strongly committed to the idea of creating a better world, inspiring and creating a greater level of consciousness.
We are really excited to launch this project, an album entitled Revoluciones (Revolutions), a collaborative creation that brings with it fresh air from the Sierra de Madrid (the mountains of Madrid) and that advocates for music that is shared, just as a seed becomes a tree, and for the revolution of every day.

The music I make defines each step that I take

Each inspiration that I breath in

Each visual and audio landscape

Each caress and each stumble

Each injustice and each wonder

And my song, as Violeta would say

Is everyone’s song.

And it is for everyone.

Belangrijkste kenmerken

To record an album, a lot of time is needed, but also funding. There are many hours of rehearsals (as well as petrol or the cost of public transport), and a lot of brain power, and this, as we know, also needs to be renumerated. It’s true that more people bring a greater cost but -isn’t music that is shared the most beautiful?! As we already know, in the Sierra many different artists cross paths, and we have come together to be part of this process of creation, each one of us contributing to the project (really, it’s a lot of people!)

We need to pay for the studio, the recording, the mastering, the printing of the CDs…. And also, the work of the participating musicians. As well as the rest of the artists taking part: the photographer, the graphic designer etc. at the top of the page you can see more details of the breakdown of the costs in the list of necessities.

This crowdfunding campaign will also allow us to cover the cost of the rewards we offer you. Dear friends have helped with the rewards which we will give more details about further down. As you see, this is a colaborative project.

We are so excited to share the music that we create, give birth to it, give it life. This is our goal.

dsc-412.jpg dsc-476.jpg

Waarom is dit belangrijk

Music is vibration, it is present in our lives from the beginning and right up until the end, and we have the great fortune to be able to play with it. In this way, the melodies are born; the chords, the harmonies…. that together create songs. These songs together can form an album. And this album, in the CD player in your living room, in your car, in your computer, can make you vibrate.
But… what if I don’t have a CD player? Don’t worry, as well as having the CD for your collection, inside its sleeve notes, you will find a download code that you can use to access the music on your computer.

Just thinking of the whole process makes us vibrate, it has not been easy, a lot of rehearsals, many hours of recording… that have all been worth it because right now we are living off the excitement. The excitement of releasing this album into the world, of sharing it with you.

But how can we do it? Isn’t it hard to live on excitement alone?

Helping to fund this project you are putting in the grain of sand that we need, this is the push that our music needs to help it get to where it needs to go (hopefully to everyone). And in this way, to be able to contribute to creating a better present, full for vibration and excitement, of consciousness and empathy… with the hope of creating a better future.

Have you noticed the palandronic number? ;)


Team en ervaring

Everything begins with a guitar: Oh my gosh! I’ve made a song!
Suddenly, a concert: Ey, here I go!

Two incredible musicians follow: Cris and Violeta with the flamenco cajón and the accordion
That’s it! This is starting to come to life

Next, I arrive at the studio Asaltamentes … it sounds good, right?
A magical place where the dream of recording an album comes true
Hernán and Buri on bass and guitar join the group

Now we are starting to be ready to put the tracks together, share ideas, dream…
Wouldn’t a drum kit be great on some of the tracks…? Orti arrives.
Oh, and what about some wind instruments? What luck that in the sierra we are also joined by Inés and Elisa on the saxophone and the trombone. And of course, the percussion, Peras brings the conga drums, bar chimes and the vibraslap.

And we keep dreaming… maybe a cello: we could not do without Laura. A flute? Darío!
But I won’t say anymore so as not to ruin all the surprises, but yes, there are a few more collaborations…

The anthropologist and journalist, Pepe also lives in the Sierra and has done the job of the audiovisual for the photography and made the videos.
And the designs? All the design work has been done by the artist and architect Maruša Žemlja. @marusazemlja All the way from Slovenia!
You don’t believe it, right? Me neither!

In the studio, Jesús and Rodrigo work behind the scenes, not missing anything. And I really mean they don’t miss a single thing, not a even a drum beat or one note out of tune. They have made us feel truly at home, and even more than this, it’s that feeling that we appreciate so much of music that is shared.

Here you can see a video summary of the recording

And I don’t want to forget to mention the friends that have offered to help with the rewards. Some of the funds we make will also go to them:
Maruša Žemlja @marusazemlja: The designs
Pepe Espí : Audiovisiual. you can see more of his work here
Víctor Bueno: Jewellery maker
Juan Rudes: The sensory dinner @manimana_catering
Albano: Screenprinting

**What a team!

Thanks to everyone who has participated

And thanks to you, for being interested, for getting here, for sharing and supporting us

Thank you**

You can follow the project and listen to my songs here: @rotx.cantautora and on YouTube

Social commitment

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Quality Education

    Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

  • Gender Equality

    Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

  • Reduced Inequalities

    To reduce inequalities, policies should be universal in principle, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

  • Responsible Production and Consumption

    Responsible Production and Consumption

  • Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

    Access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.

  • Partnerships for the Goals

    Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development