Goteo #163: ❤️ Ones are leaving and others are coming

In Goteo, we continuously receive and launch campaigns that we accept as our own projects and thus our involvement is with full affection.

This week we say goodbye to our friends from Maldita.es a challenge for fighting against misinformation: more than 1,400 people have decided to support their campaign, and they have already raised more than €63,000. You still have 3 days to add your “drop” and show your support #FundaMaldita and help them to reach the optimum, or as one of Maldita's co-financiers tells us: Do you want to continue living in a world based on misinformation?

On the other hand, we also finished January participating in different events: the II Meeting on Financing and Social Economy - New funding formulas for the SE in Madrid and two others, organized by Goteo Foundation in Oviedo and Gijón. In Oviedo, we had the opportunity to enjoy five rural projects from Asturias, that have been funded through our platform, a very interesting event, with the opportunity to count with the testimonies of its promoters; in Gijón, we celebrate our #Fundlab - Asturias where we discussed the growth of proposals thanks to crowdfunding and matchfunding. The discussion was joined by promoters, social investors, public and private entities focused on supporting social innovation as an engine of territorial development.

But we do not have time to get nostalgic for what we left behind ...! We are starting a new month full of interesting news, such as the launching of the third edition of Participa Sevilla, which for the second consecutive year, will distribute part of their salary surplus, among projects that contribute to the social transformation of Seville.

During the two previous calls, we have witnessed new initiatives being created and the success of those previously launched, all of them with a focus on improving the people’s lives who live the streets and the colleges of Sevilla, as well as the theaters, radios and roofs.

We hope the same will happen during this call! The 6 projects candidates to receive a part of the €10,000 donated by Participa Sevilla, are already in campaign and waiting to receive also your support!

On February 22 we will know the most-voted projects, that will be selected to receive the donation from Participa Sevilla. Good luck to the six projects!

In order for us to continue our work so that more civic initiatives take place

Construyamos Ciudad Animal
By: Juan Manuel Cifuentes - IRATXO
Construyamos Ciudad Animal
Categories: Ecological
Queremos construir un espacio llamado CIUDAD ANIMAL, donde cuidar a animales y personas que lo necesiten
Co-financing: Minimum € 10.000 _ Optimum € 40.000
Remaining: 32 days
Proyecto de Arqueologia en la Guarguera (Huesca)
By: De la Roca al Metal
Proyecto de Arqueologia en la Guarguera (Huesca)
Categories: Cultural
Proyecto para la recuperación y estudio del legado material e inmaterial del pasado.
Co-financing: Minimum € 2.470 _ Optimum € 6.425
Remaining: 34 days
El miedo a las nubes
By: Fundación Allegro
El miedo a las nubes
Categories: Social
Scared of Clouds. Children of a small village in The Philippines are terrified by a typhoon.
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.214 _ Optimum € 8.461
Remaining: 24 days
By: Justícia i Pau
Categories: Social
El punto cero de la tecnología contado por la población local. Documental e investigación en cooperación con organizaciones de la RDC.
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.000 _ Optimum € 15.000
Remaining: 8 days
Calendario Solidario
By: Aparkam
Calendario Solidario
Categories: Social
No nos tiembla el pulso es el lema con que difundimos síntomas del párkinson, ocultos por temblor. Miles de personas están sin diagnóstico.
Co-financing: Minimum € 550 _ Optimum € 1.150
Remaining: 21 days
Goteo Crowdfunding System is een digitaal platform voor collectieve financiering, samenwerking en distributie van beloningen voor het ontwikkelen van sociale, culturele, educatieve en technische projecten die bijdragen aan het algemeen belang en die open source en open kennis zijn.
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