Goteo #237: Life is a dream? 😲

🏛️ Like "a frenzy, an illusion, a shadow, a fiction ..." Calderón told us that we can experience life. A beautiful way to verify that beyond shared empirical data, such as the temperature in degrees Celsius or the height in meters of a building, only everyone can say if "today is very hot" or "that temple is colossal" ... truth?

📬 In this newsletter we present you three projects (Ansia, La Linde and Carraxe) that are born from that personal dream to share our own life experience and get others to feel that we have also lived it. You will discover a book to share among people who do not share the rules of this system, a dream piece about a home that poses a real danger to the family that inhabits it, and a short film where the emotional and rational disruption suffered by the protagonist leads her to confuse its reality with fiction.

😌 Join us to bring these dreams to life!

Ansia 🎙

🎙 Growing up listening to countless punk groups in squatters and concert halls was the most natural thing for David Arribas (1978), a freelance photographer based in Madrid. So he decided to follow a great advice when it comes to audiovisuals: do what is closest to you.

📒 He wants to show this a countercultural movement that is born from the intention of breaking with the established, to do what you want, not to respond to norms or systems. Starting from this premise and thinking about the concept of "Do it yourself", the idea of making this book arises, without giving explanations, being able to create a totally independent and self-managed editorial work.

👉Discover and he supports this documentary essay developed during the last 6 years in

La Linde 🏚 

🏚 Elián is a teenager who lives with her family in the farmhouse that her grandparents built. A lonely place, with a beauty capable of isolating them in space and time but which, however, over the years, humidity and isolation have made its maintenance impossible, declaring itself in a state of ruin.

🎈 The family refuses to accept it and decides to fight to save her house while Elián, without knowing it, will say goodbye to her home and to life in the dimensions in which she has always conceived it. During the process, she will begin to be curious about her place in the world.

👉 Become a co-producer of this project on the family, adolescence and rural tradition in

Carraxe 📽

📽 Carraxe wants to be an independent fiction short film. A piece of psychological drama in the Galician language that will last approximately 10 'and will be shot in the spring of 2022 in the province of Pontevedra, Galicia.

🚺 Sole is the protagonist and lives isolated and isolated in a house that loses the meaning of home and acquires the definition of prison. Her voice is muted by a cyclical and repetitive routine, a hell in which she is a victim of sexist violence exerted by her husband, Mario. After many years suffering beatings and all kinds of abuse, Sole decides to flee from her, unleashed and intoxicated by her rage, a desire for revenge is born in her.

👉 If you also believe that through cinema it is possible to raise awareness about the problems that concern human rights and social injustices, she collaborates in

🚀 Piztumeta+Matchimpulsa = x3!

🗓️ On November 23, we innovated once more and created the first triplication gamified day, joining the matchfunding calls of MatchImpulsa and PiztuMeta. As a result it could not be better and we feel the intimate satisfaction of having counterprogrammed, even if only a little, the vortex of consumption caused by that avalanche called Black Friday (and to an extent throughout November and which we suspect will end up merging with Christmas ...)

✊🏽 We are grateful to all the donors for their support of the 23 projects in total, since for many of them it was a great push and the possibility of greater resources to give solidity to their social return projects in the cultural sector of Gipuzkoa and in the digitization of entities based in the city of Barcelona. If you could not take advantage of the opportunity, Piztumeta has already finished its call for this year, but the campaigns are still active. Look at them!

🚀 Meeting of promoters Bluecrowd

🌊 With the aim of sharing experiences and good practices, this week we organized a meeting with representatives of the Central Macedonia Region and the promoters of the bluecrowd campaigns: and

📝Work sessions, practical creation workshops where you can study successful local projects, as well as visits to their promoters, all strongly related to the blue economy sector.

😊We hope this new model of Case Studies will be a success and we can continue to advance by sharing best practices and innovating where there are fertile opportunities.

See you in 15 days! 😜

Up to here we arrive. We hope that this newsletter has encouraged you to continue walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. Until next time!

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Our projects

La Parcería La Parcería

Door: La Parcería CCEDA

Creating culture

Centro Cultural de Experimentación y Documentación Artística

€ 1.210 reached

34 dagen Rest

Ecos de Clara Campoamor Ecos de Clara Campoamor

Door: Rafael Alcázar González


Mediometraje de ficción. Clara Campoamor, ciega durante sus últimos años, reflexiona sobre su vida. Con actriz y director invidentes.

€ 5.140 reached

18 dagen Rest

Mensakas: més treball i menys uberització Mensakas: més treball i menys uberització

Door: Mensakas

Creating employment

Cuidem els drets de les persones. Venim de la lluita de riders per millorar les condicions de treball en les plataformes digitals.

€ 12.752 reached

16 dagen Rest

Salud también para las Mujeres Salud también para las Mujeres

Door: Assocació Igualitarium

Health and care

Creación de una plataforma de formación en Salud Integral de la Mujeres e Investigación con perspectiva de sexo y género.

€ 10.055 reached

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